Welcome to Smarter Wellbeing

Innovative workplace wellbeing training and advisory solutions

Leveraging the power of adapted, short-format yoga and mindfulness training interventions for tangible impact across physical and mental health.


Impact where it matters

Physical wellbeing

Tackling musculoskeletal issues, back pain, burnout and fatigue.

Mental health

Equipping people to cope with and counter the effects of stress, anxiety, depression and trauma.

Engagement & connection

Developing engagement through a richer, more positive connection between people and work.

Unlock the power of Smarter Wellbeing

Smarter Wellbeing advocates simple, practical, short-format Wellbeing techniques and interventions, or Hacks. Each is adapted for time-poor working lives.

See for yourself

Next time you feel stress or pressure building within you, physically or mentally, try this Smarter Wellbeing Hack – taken from the Wellbeing Essentials stream.

Wellbeing Essentials: The Mind Cleanse

Grab a notebook & pen and find a quiet place, away from your desk & screen. Spend 5 minutes filling two pages, simply writing down anything and everything that comes into your mind. This discharges mental 'noise', stimulates creativity and focus.

The Yoga Coach Director & Founder, Faye Ashton-Wright

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