COVID-19: Emergency Wellbeing Support Interventions

How can businesses demonstrate care and concern for their people in today's new working reality? Deploy our Rapid-Response Employee Wellbeing programme to guide them from crisis to coping.

Managed Employee Wellbeing & Nurture Programmes

Mapana is a pioneering start-up, working with the leaders of technical and professional client-service businesses who want to attract, engage, nurture and retain the best and brightest talent.

Our mission is to help our clients develop and demonstrate their commitment to placing people at the heart of their organisation. We focus on the Employee Value Proposition (EVP): what firms can do to increase the value that their employees perceive they offer. 

Our fully-managed Employee Wellbeing & Nurture programmes and solutions help businesses to quickly and easily enhance their EVP and improve employee experience.

Fast-Track The Feelgood Factor

By nurturing and developing employee’s wellbeing, their ‘Feelgood Factor’, we can make businesses more attractive to work for.  Our programmes leverage the power of short-format wellbeing training interventions for tangible impact across physical and mental health.

Our Managed Wellbeing & Nurture programmes deliver simple, practical, short-format wellbeing interventions, hacks and routines. Each is adapted for fast-paced, time-poor working reality.

See for yourself

Next time you feel stress or pressure building within you, physically or mentally, try this Smarter Wellbeing Hack – from our Wellbeing Essentials stream.

Wellbeing Essentials: The Mind Cleanse

Grab a notebook & pen and find a quiet place, away from your desk & screen. Spend 5 minutes filling two pages, simply writing down anything and everything that comes into your mind. This discharges mental 'noise', stimulates creativity and focus.

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