Working Lunch: Bulgar wheat salad


I was looking for a balanced meal that would fuel me through a full day’s training without weighing me down and feeling carbed up to the eyeballs! Try this simple, tasty, light lunch to help fuel your working day:

Serves 2 comfortably so you can share or save leftovers for next day:
200g (uncooked) bulgar wheat
Handful of walnuts
8 sundried tomatoes (I buy ones in olive oil, in jars)
Big chunk of feta (optional)
1/4 a whole cucumber or 1/2 a cooked courgette
Several sprigs of fresh mint
2 tbsps lemon juice

I use fresh lemon mint from the garden but mint and lemon juice work just as well

Steep bulgar wheat in hot water for 10 mins or otherwise cook according to instructions!
Meanwhile dice your cucumber or courgette and feta if using into tiny cubes (about 1/2 cm square)
Chop mint, stalks and leaves, as finely as you can be bothered to!
Drain bulgar wheat and allow to cool a little
Chuck the cucumber/courgette, feta (if using), mint and lemon juice in with the wheat and stir really well. I add a little of the oil from the sundried tomatoes too.
Lay the sundried tomatoes on the plate, crush the walnuts and crumble on top of the wheat. Season to taste.

Can be eaten warm or pop on the fridge for an hour if you prefer cold. Nice with a few salad leaves on the side

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