Finding Rest within Stress

Stress is a state of disturbance and arousal…so how is it possible to find rest within stress…?

When we become stressed we become afraid.  Any attempt to settle stress needs to be oriented in an allowance of that experience. But how can we do that?

Stress Hack # 102:

  1. Breathe in and draw yourself up to your full height
  2. Breathe out; lower your chin and look down towards the ground
  3. The next time you breathe out, have a sense of the soles of your feet being rooted, anchored to the ground
  4. Then, as you breathe out, sense the breath flowing downwards from your hips to your soles
  5. As you breathe in, sense the breath flowing upwards from your hips through your spine towards the crown of your head
  6. Breathe and rest in this way: firmly resting into the feet with your exhale, gently lengthening through your upper spine with your inhale





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