Smarter Wellbeing Audio Demo: Sitting well at work

Listen time: 5 minutes

This 5-minute audio demo guides you to establish a good posture whilst working at your desk.  Sitting well, in good alignment, helps to relieve and prevent physical tension and discomfort, particularly in your neck, shoulders, upper and lower back.  It counteracts the effects of slouching upon the lower back, and alleviates muscular tension and discomfort in the upper body, which often arises in response to stress.  Resolving this physical tension reduces and offsets the impact of mental stress and anxiety.  Musculoskeletal problems and stress and other mental health issues are ranked #2 and #4, respectively, in the top 5 reasons for sickness absence in the UK, according to the most recent ONS figures.

I make this guided audio tool available freely. Feel free to share this link with colleagues and friends.

(c) The Yoga Coach UK, all rights reserved.

People and businesses that are serious about relieving and resolving back and musculoskeletal issues in their workplace may wish to consider my Posture & Back Care Programme.  Going beyond basic DSE risk assessments, it provides enhanced training in desk-based posture, bodywork and stress relief techniques to address all the root causes of back problems.

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