Never Enough Hours In The Day…

The hours available to us each day are naturally limited by nature. Our experience culture tells us that to be successful and happy – in life and work – we must strive to squash as much activity and achievement as possible into that fixed amount of time. Productivity, efficiency and automation strategies are widely extolled. Often to drive need. Because the more we do, the more we need and the less self-sufficient we can be. Equally the more busy and distracted we are, the harder it is to remain aware and conscious of the things that matter to us most. And so, we become lost in Time.

An alternative strategy is to consider the Minimum Effective Dose. This asks: What is the least amount of effort and energy that can be deployed, to deliver the most benefit to the greatest number of people? We consciously consider positive gain or feeling for the many, vs just our own personal gain. By connecting with and reminding ourselves of this simple precept we can be assured that each hour, each day of our lives is time well spent. Most importantly, we can begin to let go of busyness and discover Moments of Being: time to deeply connect with ourselvesĀ  and to simply Be, who we are, as we are. Doing so helps ease the pressures imposed by the finite construct of time and discover a deeper and more connected space, where such limits become meaningless.

I coach and train people in simple hacks, strategies and routines to bring these concepts to life in high-pressure work environments.

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