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I’m not like other yoga teachers.

I consider myself more a sociologist: a student of people, the communities and organisations they inhabit.  My work has always involved leading and guiding people through experiences of change and adaptation.  I gained a 1st class Hons in International Business Management at the University of Newcastle, then spent over 15 years in business and digital transformation consultancy and advisory roles, including a Graduate role with one of the ‘Big 4’ leading tech consultancies.

I discovered yoga as a tool for facilitating change whilst undergoing a profound life-change in my late 20s: becoming a Mum.  I steadily learnt to use it as part of a balanced and effective programme of wellbeing and self-care.  I gained my British Wheel of Yoga Level 4 Teacher qualification in 2015, launching my first regular classes as a student teacher in 2014.  Since then, I’ve trained, studied and practiced extensively in yoga, meditation and mindfulness disciplines, including extended workshops and retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh at Plum Village, Christopher Germer & Kristen Neff at the University of Bangor Mindfulness Institute, the Institute of Yoga Sports Science, and other spiritual communities.  I attend a regular yoga/Sanskrit chanting study group, with other yoga teachers, in which my own teacher guides me in learning the relevance of the ancient wisdom of yoga to modern life.

I’m an avid reader and researcher and study and cross-reference other modern, Western physiology, psychology, sociology, clinical and scientific approaches – the majority of which resonate with my understanding and experience of yoga.

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The Yoga Coach Founder/Director, Faye Ashton-Wright

I work in an adaptive way, tailoring to my clients’ individual perspective and ability, vs a rigid, ‘one size fits all’ approach.  Our bodies, minds and emotions are unique and forever changing in response to stress; they never remain constant, meaning that we are each best placed to learn for ourselves what is best for us in any particular moment.  My role as a Trainer/Coach is to encourage an inward ‘tuning in’ of focus and attention, so this can happen; offering a range of practical tools and techniques to guide learning and progression.

Whilst my work centres on stress, I encourage clients to consider and attend to their aims and intentions for their own wellbeing.  This helps motivate and inspire them to work towards their personal objectives.

I believe we are each on our own journey.  My learning began in childhood and continues to the present day.

“Although yoga offers so many physical benefits, it goes beyond the mat.  It’s so much more than just physical exercise or basic mindfulness technique: it’s an approach to studying and gaining insights into our bodies and minds in a sensitive, balanced and focused way.  The ideal antidote to the stresses of modern living.”

– Faye Ashton-Wright, The Yoga Coach (UK)


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