The Feelgood Factor Defined

We can’t always change the physical reality of the high-pressure workplace.  We can adapt and develop our response to it.  

Mapana aims to safeguard and develop people’s wellbeing, to create and nurture positive experiences of work.  No two people are the same and it is unrealistic to expect that support will always be immediately available.  So we must develop people’s ability to listen to and learn from their own minds and bodies, their inner sensations, feelings and values.  This means providing space and solutions that cultivate a layered, introspective quality of ‘self-study’.  We take people on a journey toward being and seeing in ways that serve both them and the business well, via a continual process of engaging and connecting with their own bodies and minds, feelings and values, as they interact with their working reality.

Rather than ‘working out’ we look at ‘working in’.  Our programmes guide people to discover and develop their Feelgood Factor: a high performance state where they are energised, yet at ease; focused, yet flexible; attuned to their individual experience and yet connected with people around them.

We use a pioneering blend of focus, cognitive, physical and breathwork interventions as tools in this process.  Our work goes beyond mindfulness, Mental Health First Aid training, physical or cognitive performance coaching.

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