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Pioneering in people development

Mapana is a new start-up, launched in late 2019.  

Our mission is to help our clients develop and demonstrate their commitment to placing people at the heart of their organisation. 

Our intention is to become the provider of choice for progressive HR Leaders in technical and client-service businesses who are committed to deploying strategic wellbeing programmes.

Whilst a start-up, we have a rich heritage of change delivery and wellbeing training experience.  We are backed and supported by a strong network of freelance specialists, with a growth target to expand to an agency of 150 associate consultants and trainers by 2023.

Founder Bio

Faye Ashton-Wright headshot
Mapana’s Founder Director, Faye Ashton-Wright

Mapana is the brain-child of Founder & Director, Faye Ashton-Wright.

Faye worked as a Business & Digital Consultant in technical and professional services firms for over 15 years.  As a Management graduate, she cut her teeth as a Business Analyst/Consultant with one of the ‘Global Big 4’, working on digital transformation programmes for blue-chip clients.  She moved on to found and deliver a business advisory & consultancy service for a major UK professional association, before joining a leading global telecomms network as a Project Manager.

Faye switched to contract consultancy roles for greater flexibility and autonomy, enjoying long-term contract engagements with major corporate and agency clients.  She led and supported teams to deliver challenging and complex change programmes in high-pressure, fast-paced work environments.  In the background, a personal interest in yoga developed into a second career as a professional Yoga Teacher.

As a high-performer and free-thinker, Faye grew to question whether the ‘sweatshop culture’ of many technical and professional services functions and organisations truly serve their people or clients.  Her yoga training brought insight into practical solutions for the issues she observed at work: burnout and fatigue, depression, musculoskeletal problems, addiction/dependency, bullying, poor engagement and morale, low EQ leadership and machine-thinking – many of these fueled or exacerbated by a root cause of chronic stress.  

Today Faye is a People Pioneer; passionate about deploying strategic wellbeing programmes to strengthen the Employee Value Proposition. An avid reader and researcher, she studies and cross-references psychology, neuroscience, sociology, clinical and scientific approaches to wellbeing and personal transformation.  She continues to teach yoga in her ‘spare’ time.

“I believe we are each on our own journey toward professional and personal fulfillment.  Wellbeing interventions that relieve and resolve the symptoms of high-pressure work at an individual level naturally improve performance, connection and engagement for teams, functions and entire organisations.”

– Faye Ashton-Wright, Mapana Founder/Director

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