Posture & Back Care Programme

According to the Office for National Statistics, almost 31m work days were lost in the UK in 2016 due to musculoskeletal problems including back pain. The costs attributable to lower back pain in the UK are estimated at £12.3bn a year, with £1.6bn spent on treatment.

Posture & Back Care training is the solution

Drawing on proven yoga interventions, the Workplace Posture & Back Care Programme is a pioneering approach, which guides employees to self-manage back pain and problems at work.  The programme is suitable for people with predominantly desk-based or standing roles and custom-built for the real-world of pressurised, professional working lives.  

Key Features

Rapid Results

Short-format exercise-based interventions, to prevent or rapidly relieve back pain.

On-Site Delivery

Programmes are delivered on-site, via face to face guidance and advice.

Personalised Training

Personalised advice and training to ensure safe adaptation for the individual Employee.

Programme Spec

  • Advice and training in practical bodywork techniques to avoid and alleviate back problems
  • On-site training; fully adapted for the working environment
  • Delivered either as a Meeting Room Clinic or Workspace Roaming service
  • Optional: Individual 1 to 1 Posture Diagnostic Assessments
  • Optional: Hand-outs of safe exercise techniques for back problems

SIX STEPS: Posture & Back Care Hack

6 Steps To Sit Well At Your Desk

1. Place feet flat on the floor, parallel with toes directed forwards.
2. Arrange legs to form right angles at ankle and knee joints.
3. Balance weight evenly through posterior, to find a soft curve in lumbar spine.
4. Lengthen upwards through spine from tailbone to crown of head.
5. Draw shoulder blades down and together; tuck elbows in to sides of waist.
6. Draw chin back and down towards collarbones.

Programme Benefits

  • Helps prevents back and musculoskeletal problems, through better postural alignment and targeted workplace exercises
  • Alleviates and resolves active back and musculoskeletal problems *
  • Reduces risk of back injuries
  • Relieves muscular tension and mental stress  associated with back pain
  • Improves ability to self-manage back problems at work
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