Fast-track the Feelgood Factor

By nurturing and developing employee’s wellbeing, their ‘Feelgood Factor’, we can make businesses more attractive to work for.  We offer the option of ‘off the shelf’, flexible and bespoke programmes so you can find a solution that works for your business and budget.

Off the Shelf

Our packaged, affordable Smarter Wellbeing programmes are perfect for People Leaders with tight budgets who want to rapidly deploy fully-managed solutions.


Pick and mix from our menu of Wellbeing & Nurture content streams to build your own programme, targeted to the priorities of your business.


Specialist consultancy support to scope and deliver an Employee Wellbeing & Nurture Programme that is custom-designed to meet the needs of your people.

How we deliver

  • Fully Managed: We ease the pain and accelerate the pace of implementation by fully managing programme delivery.  
  • Agile Deployment: We use Agile delivery methodology to ensure we deliver optimal, customer-focused value in minimal time.  It also means we can be responsive to rapid-change business contexts.
  • Modular Structure: Employee Wellbeing is a broad and potentially confusing domain. Our programmes are structured in bite-sized, modular content streams, to help people make sense of it.
  • Streamlined Content: We know the critical importance of time in fast-paced client service businesses.  Our programmes are geared and focused to maximise value and minimise unbillable time.  Not a moment is wasted.
  • Experiential Learning: We understand how minds and bodies work.  We train and develop people exclusively in Face to Face Group formats, using a pioneering blend of physical, cognitive and affective training techniques to optimise learning and development impact for all kinds of minds.
  • Measurable Impact: We know the power of results.  We bring Insight & Analytics tooling to measure the success of our programmes so you can easily demonstrate the value and impact to your Leadership Team.

Impact Levers

All our programmes draw on a wide range of short-format wellbeing interventions (‘hacks’) for tangible impact across physical and mental health.  Precision targeting ensures our programmes impact the areas of greatest need.

Impact where it counts...

Physical wellbeing

Tackling musculoskeletal issues, back pain, burnout and fatigue.


>  Mental health

Equipping people to cope with and counter the effects of stress, anxiety, depression and low confidence.


>  Engagement & connection

Developing engagement through a richer, more positive connection between people and work.

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