Flexible Programmes

Standardised Employee Wellbeing & Nurture programmes don’t work for everyone; sometimes businesses and their people need a more flexible, responsive approach.

Our flexible programmes are the solution.

We offer the option to easily shape and define your own programmes to meet your immediate people priorities.  We can advise and support you through this process as required, helping to diagnose issues, prioritise development needs and identify thematic Focus Areas to address them.  You then choose from our flexible, modular menu of Content Streams to build your own programme, with the opportunity to drill down in more depth on key Focus Areas where of value.


No Fuss

Clearly structured Content Streams mean you can create a structured programme with a minimum of hassle.

Expert Support

Access specialist insight to help you address the key levers of wellbeing and engagement.

Track Results

We evaluate impact so you can easily fine-tune and adapt, even in implementation.

Programme Spec

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