Simple Solutions for Rapid Results

Change is often best delivered in bite-sized chunks.  We offer a range of affordable, accessible ‘plug and play’ solutions to help People Leaders rapidly realise benefit.  These can be implemented separately as pilot phase initiatives or alongside our managed programmes.

Taster Sessions

Perfect to get you off the ground, our short-format taster workshop sessions can cover any aspect of Employee Wellbeing and are priced affordably, so you can test the water.

Wellbeing Audit

A simple yet powerful Audit & Discovery process to assess your firm's performance and potential against our Employee Wellbeing & Nurture KPIs.

Point Interventions

We can define and deliver rapid interventions to support and recover people who are operating at Burnout point, due to workload or change peaks.

Integrated Wellbeing

All our solutions deliver tangible impact across physical and mental health.  Precision targeting ensures we impact the areas of greatest need.

Impact where it counts...

Physical wellbeing

Tackling musculoskeletal issues, back pain, burnout and fatigue.


>  Mental health

Equipping people to cope with and counter the effects of stress, anxiety, depression and low confidence.


>  Engagement & connection

Developing engagement through a richer, more positive connection between people and work.

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